beautiful brunetteHiring an escort for the night guarantees you a unique and exciting sexual experience. However, if you want to do more with your companion than just steamy, passionate sex, you will have to narrow your search for the ideal paid companion. The beautiful women who work as call girls base all their success on their appearance. Few of them are educated ladies who can pleasure more than just sexually. Fortunately, there are ways in which you can contact this select group of intelligent models, and here are the most efficient ones:

Agency filtering

The best way to ensure you get a date with an educated escort is to contact a dating agency. Most men that use these services go straight for the best looking ones, without even checking other facts such as their personality, preferences or hobbies. You can opt for another strategy and use all the filters that the agency puts at your disposal. Usually, you can filter out the girls that do not match your nature or who lack appealing personality traits.

Online flirting

You can also get a date with an escort by using online dating services. It is easier to filter your preferences on a website than by using the catalog of a dating agency. More than that, you can even have a short conversation with the girl before actually meeting her in person. Use your best flirting lines and determine if she is the right date for you from the way she responds.

Public teasing

If the escort agencies and the online medium have left you without a suitable alternative for a hot date, you should take it to the street to find the perfect lady. Most call girls work in bars or hotel lobbies. Strike a simple conversation by approaching them directly and see if they match your need for an educated companion.